"We let the day come to us and plan that we do not plan anything. We don't need to get inspiration – it’s coming all by itself....
Looking at the hourly changing horizon, with the fresh breeze on the dyke and the rustling of the dune grass in the wind....
It's coming with every moment we relax and with every moment of pleasure we allow ourselves, and we allow ourselves many of them....
Looking becomes understanding, walking becomes traveling, and living becomes experiencing. You and I become We."

Explore // St. Peter-Ording

The West Coast Phenomenon

Walking on the beach here becomes an otherworldly experience. You lose yourself in the nothingness between sky, water and sand. The typical and unique pile dwellings look like high-legged creatures from prehistoric times. Kitesurfers appear from afar like a mirage at the blending of beach and sea. Wind in our ears. Salt on our tongues. Sun on our skin. And the more the elements around us are in motion, the calmer we become inside. We just feel Tweed - in any season:

Tweed // St. Peter-Ording in springtime

A Tweed day in May

„Here, spring really lets its blue ribbon flutter through the air. It caresses us with spicy sea air and awakens everything positive in us. I wonder if the water is warm enough for the first barefoot walk on the beach? We are joyfully excited and feel completely Tweed."

Tweed // St. Peter-Ording in summer

A Tweed day in August

"The most beautiful thing is very early in the morning when we have the beach to ourselves and the first rays of sunshine transform the sand beneath us from refreshingly cool to comfortingly warm. We look forward to breakfast after our first dip in the sea and to a new and sunny day on the coast."

Tweed // St. Peter-Ording in autumn

A Tweed day in October

"We instantly feel that the autumn sun has its very own charm and enjoy the comforting warmth on our skin and the unique play of light in the North Sea sky. The no-longer-summer world merges with the not-yet-autumn world to create an almost supernatural experience that we wouldn't want to miss after just the first day at Tweed and the first long walks on the beach."

Tweed // St. Peter-Ording in winter

A Tweed day in January

"Don't waste any thought on the weather, because we're cozy in our Tweed and are looking forward to a lot of wind around our noses after an extensive breakfast, because here the outdoors is an experience of a special kind. Later then for a hot drink in the Café or rather a sauna session in the water park? We will see and let everything come to us."


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