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Welcome to Tweed // Your hotel in St. Peter-Ording

This villa is magically good

Tweed combines the North Frisian way of life with Irish warmth. Combines clarity with cosiness. Guest with friendship. Yesterday with tomorrow. Connects accordion with bagpipes. Me and you to us. And the sea connects it all. This is a kind of magic from Tweed.

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Lots of character: our suites


Blessings shows you just how special the light is on the West Coast from three sides with large windows and many rewarding views. This bright and friendly atmosphere is a great place to live, relax and look forward to your next holiday at Hotel Tweed.

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Countryside Magic

Didn't we always want to be birds of paradise? Here, in our Countryside Magic suite, they flutter silently around the windows and bring a very special atmosphere to our holiday home. Those seeking tranquility will fall in love with the location and style of this suite. Will enjoy the day and look forward to the evening, which we spend together with the setting sun on our own patio.

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Shebeen is the ideal hideaway for whiskey smugglers and peace-seeking holidaymakers. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the view of the dune with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of whiskey. And look forward to this and the next day at the coast.

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Seaside Magic

The exotic birds and flowers on the walls and curtains conjure up a very special atmosphere in Seaside Magic. The view inside and outside is equally seductive. Here the perfectly coordinated living style beckons you to enjoy the cosy atmosphere, there the private south-facing patio beckons you to actively relax. Going out dressed up tonight? The dressing table not only looks good, it also helps you look even better.

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Sally Gardens

„It was down by the Sally Gardens, my love and I did meet...", this is how the Irish folk song begins - and this is how your holiday at Tweed begins. At first glance, this suite impresses with its own patio and the evening sun, which provides the perfect end to your day. Playful details like the little Wellingtons on the curtains and the park layout on the wallpaper open up at second glance in Sally Gardens. Let yourself be surprised.

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Nauty Bits

Here you can feel the closeness to the sea particularly well. Small maritime allusions in the furnishings and decoration of our Nauty Bits suite will put you in the perfect nautical mood. And don't worry: no one will get seasick here, at most addicted to sight. Look forward to your stay at Tweed in Sankt Peter-Ording.

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Gentle Bliss

What is it that makes us feel so comfortable in the Gentle Bliss suite? The curtains with their wonderful hydrangeas and roses that really seem to scent? Your own patio where we can stretch out and relax? Or the sun that accompanies us throughout the day through the many windows? The only thing that really matters is that we are feeling good. What a bliss!

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Croagh Patrick

In our Suite Croagh Patrick you will not only find plenty of space for the two of you. But also a fully equipped kitchen, many attractive views of the gardens and the dunes - and many reasons why you will feel so comfortable at the Tweed Hotel and why you will be happy to come back.

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